A little over a year ago, a branding strategist asked me what beauty was to me, growing up. I realized then that for much of my life, beauty had been a shield for me. I always told myself that I could hide anything under "looking good". Over the years, that has evolved a bit, but the question got me thinking, what has beauty been for other people? 

And so, the idea of the Beauty Is Podcast was born. The show aims to feature candid conversations about the multifacted nature of our relationships with beauty. The show aims to feature candid conversations about the multifaceted nature of our relationships with beauty. Each show will begin with the same guiding question: "What is beauty to you and how has that definition shaped who you are today?" The ethos of the pod is that there is beauty in everything, so come on in! Get comfy.❤️


Hey! I'm Lola Abeni, a corporate attorney, content creator, and podcaster, with a focus on the areas of lifestyle and beauty.

A bit about me:

☀️: ♌  🌑: ♓ ↗️: ♍

📍: chicago, il

❤️: married to love of my life, Ade. He and I share a furbaby, a rambunctious Goldendoodle named Dash.

I believe that all women are the cornerstones of society, and that the power to affect mass change lies within us. This birthed my purpose to:

  • embolden young girls and women through edification, ultimately leading to healthier relationships with our homes, families and careers
  • champion equity in representation for Black women in the beauty industry
  • highlight the importance of positive self image, mental, and emotional wholeness

I'm glad you're here! I hope you enjoy the time we'll spend together.

Yours Beautifully,